We acquire profitable companies in the health area and refine them within the Curus Group through synergies with innovative growth companies, capital and marketing.

Core investments

Health Amplify

Över 30 000 läkare använder appen e-Förskrivning för att förskriva läkemedel. Med över 60 procent av läkarkåren uppkopplad är e-Förskrivning Sveriges största förskrivningsplattform. Tjänsten är en applikation som gör det möjligt att skriva elektroniska recept på läkemedel och hjälpmedel direkt i mobilen. Appen riktar sig till läkare, tandläkare, barnmorskor och sjuksköterskor med förskrivningsrätt.

  • Area: Digital hälsa
  • Country: Sverige
  • Acquired by Curus: 2023


Aktivera består av två stora rehabkliniker som servar patienter i norra Stockholm på uppdrag av region Stockholm. De erbjuder rehabinsatser av erfarna och duktiga fysioterapeuter, kiropraktorer, arbetsterapeuter och dietister. De arbetar enligt ett multimodalt arbetssätt, vilket innebär att patienter kan komma att få träffa flera professioner parallellt om det bedöms gynna behandlingen. Utöver rehab erbjuds hemrehab och digital rehab via videobesök.

  • Area: Vård
  • Country: Sverige
  • Acquired by Curus: 2023

Add Health Media

100% owned by Curus. The company has always had the patient in focus, regardless of whether it is about training doctors to help patients better or provide high-quality but easy-to-understand information to those who want to know more about their disease. In collaboration with healthcare and patients, several different services have been developed and discontinued over the years to support people to increase their knowledge and motivation about their health. Today, Add Health Media has the services and Doktorn waiting room TV that reach the public and which reaches the care staff. All services are dominant in their category and are available in all Nordic countries.

  • Area: Digital Media Company
  • Country: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland
  • Acquired by Curus: 2021
  • Acquisitions within Add Health Media: Eurocast (2007), Nordisk Väntrums-TV (2012), Three Doctors (2017) och Occident (2019).

Pharma Industry Publishing

Pharma Industry Publishing complements Add Health Media's broad portfolio of services for communication to both patients and healthcare professionals, especially to specific specialist segments of the healthcare industry. Pharma Industry is the dominant media provider to the pharmaceutical industry and to oncology and neurology physicians in Sweden. Through the brands Oncology in Sweden and Neurology in Sweden, they reach out to all those working with these patient groups. The portfolio also includes Pharma Industry, Pharma Jobs and PI Academy, which primarily target the pharmaceutical industry and its suppliers.

  • Area: Media Company
  • Country: Sweden
  • Acquired by Curus: 2022

Growth investments


Wellon är en hälsostartup med fokus på skräddarsydda kosttillskott. Genom att erbjuda konsumenter tester och personligt anpassade rekommendationer strävar bolaget efter att göra det enklare och mer effektivt för individer att uppnå optimal hälsa. Det råder en tydlig trend där allt fler söker skräddarsydda lösningar för sina kosttillskott, särskilt i ljuset av att nya kosttillskott ständigt lanseras på marknaden. Wellon har löst detta genom att deras näringsrekommendationer är personliga och enkla att följa samt att man endast använder kosttillskott från välkända och välbeprövade varumärken. Dessutom har de en egen maskinpark för dosdispensering, vilket ytterligare stärker deras position på marknaden.

  • Area: Skräddarsydda kosttillskott
  • Country: Sverige och Europa
  • Investment: 2023


Rekonnect is B2B solution for medical technology companies to comply with the post-market surveillance requirements of MDR. Features include case handling, digital training and device-user feedback. Our vision is to help MedTech companies accelerate their innovations into adoption in healthcare, by bridging medical device innovators and healthcare professionals.

  • Area: Medtech service platform
  • Country: Lund, Sweden
  • Investment: 2023


Measurlabs provides laboratory analyses and testing services for all kinds of materials and products. They combine the best methods from hundreds of laboratories in one service and make it incredibly easy to buy laboratory analyses for complicated materials and products. Measurlabs provide testing services and certifications for any material, product or chemical. They help product developers and quality managers get the information they need about their products.

  • Area: Digital platform for lab tests
  • Country: Helsinki, Finland
  • Investment: 2022


Ment is a digital service platform, offering individual support and guidance for people with ADHD. Through the platform, Ment guide, coordinate and enable the right support at the right time through a smart and digital everyday coach enabling a functioning everyday life and increased well-being for their patients.

  • Area: Digital ADHD service platform
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2022


The largest player in digital care for mental health in Sweden and has launched its service in several European countries. Secure psychological help directly on your mobile with over 250 licensed psychologists. Mindler wants to break the stigma of mental health problems and create the most effective treatment for mental health that reaches everyone in need.

  • Area: Digital caregiver mental health
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2018


Doctrin has developed digital tools that automate parts of the patient journey. It reduces administration and helps the caregiver to free up resources so that doctors and care staff can spend more time caring for patients. At Doctrin, technical developers work closely with doctors with broad medical expertise and an understanding of the caregiver's reality. Today, Doctrin is used by the largest private care providers in Sweden and also has customers internationally. The results are shorter care queues, better quality of care, reduced costs, happier care staff and satisfied patients.

  • Area: Digital health platform
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2017


Colivia's vision is to revolutionize the way healthcare staffing works in Europe. Healthcare professionals are one of the most important resources in our society and their time and interest must be managed more efficiently. Colivia therefore offers an app-based platform that matches healthcare professionals with suitable care assignments - easily, quickly and securely. By automating the staffing flow of consultants and assignments, which is currently a very manual and labor-intensive process, you can reduce the cost of care staffing and at the same time take the customer experience to a new level.

  • Area: Digital healthcare staffing
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2016


Knodd was started to guide, give security to and strengthen parents. At Knodd, the child and family care of the future is being built. They work to create safer and more personal care in a way that puts the children's and parents' needs in focus. In this way, Knodd also wants to reduce unnecessary visits to emergency care and provide the right care at the right level. The vision of Knodd started when the pediatrician and neon directory Pontus Johansson met the digital product developers Jakob Hedlund and Josefine Svegborn. Together, they decided to meet the needs of parents in ways that are based on modern technology, patient-centered product development and solid experience of children's health and medical care. Today, Knodd is one of Sweden's largest players in child health care.

  • Area: Digital pediatric care
  • Country: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Investment: 2019

Health Integrator

Health Integrator strengthens the individual's ability to find tailored methods and achieve long-term changes in lifestyles, to feel better and prevent common diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Health Integrator's health platform provides easy access to a large number of activities and health services gathered in one place. With the help of a health educator and tests, the individual chooses the health services, activities and payment methods that are most suitable. The health platform gives the individual the opportunity to consume selected health services based on their unique needs and conditions. Health Integrator is the first in the world to finance preventive care with health bonds.

  • Area: Digital preventive care platform
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2020


It should be easy to see just the right doctor immediately - without detours. Therefore, MediCheck only has qualified specialists who have extensive experience of both temporary problems and chronic diseases. You meet your specialist online via video call and do not need to have a referral and you do not need to go to a reception. MediCheck is today a leader in digital specialist care in Sweden and has digital specialist clinics in ten therapy areas, including allergy, acne, gastroenterology, psychiatry, cardiology and more.

  • Area: Digital specialist care
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2016


Vitala is a digital e-health company that provides solutions to one of the biggest problems for people today - inactivity and reduced well-being. With the Vitala app, patients get access to medical training and rehabilitation developed by doctors and physiotherapists. Vitala's medical training generator creates real-time training sessions adapted to illness, functional ability, daily form and goals. Vitala has also developed a digital movement analysis where individuals with pain can get easy help with the right rehabilitation exercises - all so as not to let pain limit those who want to become more physically active and thus become more vital.

  • Area: Digital platform for physical activity
  • Country: Umeå and Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2020


Digital care provider with a focus on obesity and metabolic diseases. Eitit's digital platform enables dietitians and other healthcare professionals to help their patients in a seamless and flexible way. The company uses a scientifically validated treatment program that runs over several months and with follow-ups of up to two years to ensure long-term results. Eatit is today a leader in digital obesity treatment in Sweden.

  • Area: Digital obesity clinic
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2021


Dropmed is Sweden's first independent medical marketplace. The goal is to create Europe's largest purchasing portal for direct trade between healthcare providers and suppliers. Via Dropmed, care providers can gather all suppliers and simplify their purchases, and suppliers reach out to more care providers and digitize their sales. With Dropmed's platform, caregivers can easily click home the items they need and instead spend their time on patients. Suppliers often struggle with old systems and lack of digital presence. Now they can easily offer their products via Dropmed's platform. Time is saved and new relationships are created.

  • Area: Digital marketplace for Medtech
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2022


Ella offers digital meetings with healthcare professionals in women's health to prevent and treat ailments and complications that are common during and after pregnancy. The goal is for Ella to be a relieving resource for midwives and a complement to the physical visits to the maternity ward. Ella will be available during pregnancy and after delivery with adapted care. Together with his physiotherapist, an individualized plan is created with digital care meetings and evidence-based training programs that are continuously updated as conditions change. Ella is the maternity care of the future.

  • Area: Femtech - Digital maternity care
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2022


In Sweden, there are about 200,000 people with chronic migraine, where the vast majority are untreated. If that patient category could receive help, much would have been gained with increased quality of life and reduced sick leave. Through its digital migraine clinic, Migraine Aid wants to help these people get the right diagnosis and the right treatment. This is done by the patient being able to turn directly to the Migraine Aid and through an algorithm get a diagnosis from a neurologist. Then the patients will be able to be put on appropriate drug treatment where they are continuously followed up year after year, and sometimes for life. The migraine help has a database with very important information about, among other things, the effect that different drugs can have on the number of reduced migraine days each month. Today, Migränhjälpen is Sweden's largest migraine clinic.

  • Area: Digital migraine clinic
  • Country: Jönköping and Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2019


Nutrinovate is the result of a group of researchers, entrepreneurs and creators who found a common driving force - to break new ground in health by combining the latest in research and innovation. We want it to be easy to stay healthy and build an inner strength. By combining unconventional thinking, progressive working methods and our combined competence, which consists of several decades in research and the traditional pharmaceutical industry, we solve problems with the consumer in focus. Our basic philosophy is to improve the health of both individuals and the entire planet with a product range that draws its power from known and proven substances combined with an innovative approach.

  • Area: Nutraceuticals
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2018


FindOut Diagnostic

FindOut has been developing and selling diagnostic self-tests in a common concept since 2001. The products are marketed in the Nordic countries and Europe. Through a built-in algorithm in the mobile camera, FindOut enables some of the most common lab tests in a home environment. The method will revolutionize the way lab samples are taken today and enable digital care from a digital meeting with a doctor, lab samples at home and then a digital follow-up from the doctor on the same day.

  • Area: Digital AI diagnostics
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2016


Olivia wants women to have control over their hormonal journey, not feel limited and confused about it. Oliva's mobile app guides and follows women's journey through menopause's roller coaster. Users are helped to map their symptoms to see which lifestyle habits can alleviate the symptoms through CBT-based programs.

  • Area: Femtech - support through menopause
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2022


Learning2Sleep changes and improves people's lives through an effective and easily accessible sleep treatment. The treatment is site-independent and drug-free, which provides the opportunity for more people to get help with their sleep problems. An accessible digital care where the prevailing life situation, place of residence or long waiting times should not have to limit or stand in the way of receiving professional care. Learning2Sleep is a registered care provider with the National Board of Health and Welfare and our treatment is registered with the Medical Products Agency and CE-certified. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North.

  • Area: Digital sleep clinic
  • Country: Malmö, Sweden
  • Investment: 2019

ScientificMed (Exit 2021)

The company is developing a CE-certified e-health platform with e-treatments (digital treatments) for specific drugs and cancer treatments. ScientificMed aims to significantly improve the outcome of its treatment with cancer drugs by providing digital tools and services for healthcare professionals and patients. The company, together with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and Karolinska Institutet, has carried out several clinical studies and evaluation projects with positive results. The company was acquired by Cuviva in 2021.

  • Area: Digital therapeutics
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2018 (Exit 2021)

PictureMyLife (Exit 2021)

PictureMyLife has a digital, picture-based diary for children and adults with cognitive difficulties. It enables simple, interactive communication between home and school or between daily activities and housing and family. The service is already used by about 40 schools and a number of housing and day care activities. The platform is CE-certified and can be prescribed by doctors in some Regions.

  • Area: Digital platform for elderly care and school
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2018 (Exit 2021)

Symbiome (Exit 2021)

Symbiome provides a personally designed analysis based on the patient's microbiome using AI. With a simple home test, you take a sample and send it in. The sample is analyzed and the response is matched to intestinal flora typical of individuals with certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression, IBS and inflammation. Symbiome was acquired by Learning2Sleep.

  • Area: Microbiome analysis with AI
  • Country: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Investment: 2019 (Exit 2021)

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