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U.S. patents protect digital solutions in combination with drugs


Already in 2020, the company IP Enabler AB received a patent that protects the use of a drug in combination with a digital solution. The company has further developed the patent to cover many different drugs. Heavy investors with insight into the industry have supported during the journey.

In 2011, the patent application was submitted to the US Patent Office to be able to combine a drug with a digital solution such as a mobile app. Studies conducted with Astrazeneca showed significant results with the combination drug plus app. Nine years later, the company got its patents approved.

– We have succeeded in obtaining an umbrella patent in the USA that enables us to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies and technology companies that want to create protection for combining their drugs with a digital solution. This changes the game plan for the technology companies because they can now better protect their solution and get a return on their investments in research and development through collaboration with the pharmaceutical companies, says Johan Cederlund, CEO of IP Enabler.

IP Enabler’s solution is to, among other things, license their rights to pharmaceutical companies or technology companies that want to create solutions that protect their medicines with the digital solution. The broad umbrella patent makes it possible to tailor the patents together with the customer in order to be able to quickly enter the market with an approved patent. Among others, Add Health Media, Bonit Capital and Fabian Fischer have chosen to support the company with capital.

– I myself have a background from Big Pharma and know that if you can not protect something, it is difficult to get capital for development, but the new patents can change this fundamentally. The financial benefits for pharmaceutical companies are that you can receive higher compensation if the treatment has a better effect or fewer side effects. Here, even older drugs without patents can get a new life if you can show a better effect with a digital combination solution, says Johan Bloom, Investment Manager at Add Health Media.

Pharmaceutical companies have an obligation to follow up the effect and side effects of their medicines. Therefore, digital solutions, including AI solutions, are more and more a matter of course. Pharmaceutical authorities have increasingly accepted digital solutions for follow-up of medicines on the market and data from digital solutions are also used today for decision-making in price and reimbursement authorities, says Thomas Lönngren, strategy advisor and former Executive Director at the European Medicines Agency and Deputy Director General of the Medical Products Agency.

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For more information:
Johan Cederlund, CEO, IP Enabler
[email protected], +46 70 863 60 05

Johan Bloom, Investment Manager, Add Health Media AB
[email protected], +46 733-648490

Sverre Bengtsson, Chairman of IP Enabler
[email protected], +46 708-182284

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