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"Curus was one of the first investors in Mindler. Gaining access to their wide network of different skills, as well as the opportunity to be seen in advertising channels that helped build a strong credibility in a healthcare market where seriousness and credibility mean everything, helped Mindler to quickly reach a leading position as Sweden's largest digital healthcare provider in mental illness. " Rickard Lagerqvist, CEO, Co-founder Mindler

For those who want to build market-leading companies

With specialist knowledge and networks as well as experience in building successful companies in digital health, Curus wants to meet entrepreneurs who want to build market-leading companies in the area. We have the will and the opportunity to be long-term in our investments. We like to look at companies that target both individuals (B2C) and the profession (B2B), the core driver is that it should consist of digital services together with a potential of an international rollout.

Opportunities for media investments

Curus' subsidiary Add Health Media makes it possible for us to invest with both capital and support you in marketing. The brands and are leaders in media aimed at patients and healthcare professionals, but we also support with reach in other broad media.

Together we create tomorrow's healthcare

We also acquire profitable companies in health and care that have synergies with us in Curus. If you want your company to reach your vision faster, we can do it together. Our wholly owned companies and our growth companies in digital health create exciting opportunities for synergies between the companies, new contact points and interesting discussions. Curus provides access to all our portfolio companies and a unique network of contacts in digital health.

Curus helps start-ups in e-health to prove their business idea

We have been working with communication in health and medicine for 20 years. With the largest media channels in the Nordic region in health and medicine as well as extensive knowledge and a broad network of contacts in the area, Curus can help growth companies grow. Curus' investment strategy is to go in early and help companies with financing, media, contacts, knowledge and to find more investors for continued growth. If we see that there is potential in the companies, we will continue to invest in the long term.

What do Start ups say about Curus?

Curus was one of the first Investors in Mindler. Gaining access to their broad network with different skills, as well as the opportunity to be seen in advertising channels that helped build a strong credibility in a healthcare market where seriousness and credibility mean everything, helped Mindler to quickly reach a leading position as Sweden's largest digital mental health care provider. illness.

Curus understood our business concept and that it would revolutionize healthcare. They were one of our first investors and we have had great help with advice on continued investments and external monitoring in the e-health area.

Our first investment was from Curus. As a driven entrepreneur, Curus has been very important to Curoflow and my own development. Media, contacts, advice and support and much more has been extremely nice to get when you work around the clock to realize the healthcare of the future.

FindOut has a lot to thank Curus for. They have been operational in bringing in employees, supporting with finances, finding new smart investors and that their marketing has increased sales by 48% on the company's celiac test, which is a mature product since 10 years ago.

Rickard Lagerqvist

CEO, Co-founder Mindler AB

Magnus Liungman

Founder, Doctrine and NudgeLabs

Alexander Knezevic

Founder, Curoflow

Denise Luxenburg Stuifbergen

VD, FindOut Diagnostic

What do other investors say about Curus?

I have invested in three companies together with Curus. Thanks to its long experience in the Health and Life Sciences area, Curus has a broad and deep understanding of the conditions entrepreneurs in early start-ups face. In the companies where I have invested with Curus, they have contributed with relevant contacts and knowledge - above all, they have been an important support on issues concerning the type of marketing that converts. The fact that Curus is on the investor side works for me as a seal of quality.

Nordic Mountain has invested together with Curus in Colivia. We appreciate that Curus is committed and supports with knowledge, capital and contacts, but also helps operationally when needed. We would like to join more companies together with Curus.

We need more investors such as Curus who focus on investing early and actively help start-ups in e-health with expert knowledge and contacts in healthcare and health. It is crucial for us that the companies are prepared to quickly scale their service internationally. Mindler is a good example of a company that is growing rapidly where Curus has been involved from the beginning and where we at Luminar take the company to higher levels. Now we are also joining Curus in Health Integrator, which will change the view of care in a very exciting way.

We at Schibsted Growth see great benefit from Curus, which has the competence and opportunity to help start-ups in e-health. They have the network, knowledge and media that can test whether consumers or healthcare professionals understand the message and whether the service converts to purchases. We follow Curus' various investments closely as we see that they find gold nuggets in the area.

Crimea Talia

Owner, 3TInvest

Adam Lindberg

Partner, Nordic Mountain Equity

Jacob Key

co-founder, Luminar Ventures

Kajsa Gatenbeck

Investment manager, Schibsted Growth

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