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Curus acquires Sweden’s largest prescription app


Over 25,000 Swedish doctors use the app e-Förskrivning to prescribe medication. Now Health Amplify AB, the company behind the app, is being acquired by the investment company Curus. The acquisition is being made through their subsidiary Add Health Media.

– e-Förskrivning is an excellent addition to our portfolio within digital health,” says Erik Olsson Nyrén, investment manager at Curus.

With over 60 % of the medical profession connected, e-Förskrivning is Sweden’s largest prescription platform. The service is an application that enables electronic prescriptions for medication and medical aids to be written directly on mobile devices. The app is aimed at doctors, dentists, midwives, and nurses with prescription rights.

Curus‘ subsidiary, Add Health Media, which is the acquiring party, sees synergies with its other digital platforms.

“Through our website, we reach most of the medical profession, and now we can offer e-Förskrivning to them. At the same time, we want to use our extensive knowledge in digital development, education, and data management to further develop e-Förskrivning,” says Rikard Ekberg, CEO of Add Health Media

e-Förskrivning was developed by physician and entrepreneur Daniel Wänn, who is CEO and founder of Health Amplify. He saw the need for an easy-to-use mobile app for quickly prescribing medication with maintained safety even when not at one’s regular workplace.

“Simplicity and mobility have been the most important success factors. Thanks to doctors recommending the app to each other, e-Förskrivning has gained market share organically without significant marketing. Curus and Add Health Media are just right to further develop the service,” says Daniel Wänn.

Curus is an investment company that focuses on developing the future of healthcare. Since 2016, the company has invested in over 25 growth companies in e-health and acquires profitable companies in the health sector that can be further developed.

“e-Förskrivning fits well into our strategy of building the future of healthcare, where it should be easy and convenient for healthcare professionals to carry out their work regardless of where they are,” says Erik Olsson Nyrén, who is also chairman of the board of Add Health Media. “Healthcare will be increasingly conducted in homes, and then digital services that are mobile, simple, and secure are needed.”


For more information:
Erik Olsson Nyrén, Investment Manager Curus, Chairman of the Board Add Health Media
[email protected], +46 70 837 73 54

Rikard Ekberg, CEO Add Health Media
[email protected], +46 70 921 61 23

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