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Health Integrator launched its digital health platform on behalf of the Stockholm Region on February 15th, 2021. Since then, 28,000 people in Stockholm have registered their interest in participating in the program, 8,000 people have taken blood samples and 750 people have met the criteria for participation and started a journey towards better health.

On January 14th, 2022, 226 people registered the results of their first follow-up blood test after six months in the program – so after completing one tenth of the total length of the program.


A quick summary of the results:

  • 61% have reduced their long-term blood sugar levels.
  • 43% are now below the limit for prediabetes (42 mmol / mol).
  • 24% have increased long-term blood sugar levels. 16 of these participants
    have reported a value above 47 mmol / mol, i.e. a value indicating type 2 diabetes.
  • 15% have unchanged long-term blood sugar levels.

– It’s extremely gratifying to see these results already after 6 months. In addition, many participants now initially focus on areas that only indirectly improve blood sugar levels themselves, such as sleep habits and mental health, which means that it is entirely to be expected that a group of people will continue to increase their values before long-term improvement takes place, says Fredrik Söder, CEO at Health Integrator.

A more detailed description of the result is presented here.


For more information:

Johan Bloom, Founder and CEO at Curus AB
[email protected], +46 733-648 490

About Curus

Curus invests in digital health start ups in the Nordic. We have 22 companies in which we have invested, for instance Mindler, Doctrin, Medicheck, FindOut Diagnostic and more. See the full list at Curus subsidiaries Add Health Media is one of the largest media companies in health and medicine in the Nordic countries.

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