Successful health initiative in Region Stockholm exceeds target – more than 50% have left the risk zone for type 2 diabetes


After two years of successful implementation of a preventive care intervention in Region Stockholm, recently published follow-up shows that over 50% of the participants in the health program have left the risk zone for developing type 2 diabetes. This exceeds the set targets for the preventive intervention in the region.

Research indicates that over one million residents in Sweden are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, based on an average of 10% of the population being considered prediabetic. Diabetes is a disease that significantly affects the quality of life and can lead to significant suffering, limitations in everyday life and an increased risk of secondary diseases, resulting in high costs for healthcare within the regions’ budgets.

“As a supplier of the long-term initiative in Region Stockholm, where the preventive efforts are financed by a unique health bond, we are now offering similar programs to all regions in Sweden. With the positive 24-month report behind us, we will therefore contact Sweden’s leading politicians. This initiative can save lives and significantly reduce healthcare costs.” says Fredrik Söder, founder of Health Integrator.

“We at Curus are impressed by the good results of the study, which validates that Health Integrator’s business concept works. We see great potential and value in what Health Integrator offers and this is proof of how it is possible to conduct cost-effective preventive care, which is a prerequisite for healthcare in the future.” says Erik Olsson Nyrén, Investment Manager at Curus.

The prevention program in Region Stockholm consists of a multi-year health program that uses preventive measures to help people aged 50-60 years to avoid developing type 2 diabetes. At the start of the program, all 925 participants were prediabetic. After two years and 360 participants’ blood tests show that more than half (54%) are no longer at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In the same study, only 7.5% of the participants had a long-term blood sugar that showed signs of developing type 2 diabetes, representing a 67% risk reduction compared to control groups in similar studies.

Participants in the program receive support from personal health coaches and are continuously monitored for five years, with the most intensive interventions in the first two years. Through a digital platform, they access various health services from different providers, such as physical activity, diet and sleep advice, and stress management. Health coaches linked to the program guide participants through their health journey and suggest interventions to create healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

According to research, up to 80% of chronic diseases can be prevented through health promotion. However, only about 3% of total health care budgets in Sweden have so far focused on prevention. The financial model of health bonds developed in Region Stockholm is the first of its kind, even internationally. The repayment and interest rate of the health bond is linked to the success of the preventive measures. The benefit to the region is a significant reduction in healthcare costs; the total cost of care for a person with type 2 diabetes is almost 4.5 times higher than for a healthy person. Following the positive results in the recently published 24-month report, more regions are expected to consider similar solutions to identify and help residents at risk before the onset of the disease with validated screening.

The project has been made possible through a collaboration between Region Stockholm, Skandia as financier and SEB who developed the financial model. Health Integrator is the provider of the digital platform and the overall preventive health program.


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