Novo Nordisk starts collaboration with digital obesity clinic Eatit


Novo Nordisk is starting a collaboration with the digital obesity clinic Eatit for the purpose of raising awareness about obesity as a disease, and to support preventive efforts offered within the Swedish healthcare system.

The weight loss industry market was worth $224 billion in 2021 and is predicted to be worth $405 billion in 2030. But the industry is being fundamentally transformed by effective drugs that are changing the way obesity is treated. The winners look set to be the pharmaceutical companies and the digital players that can partner with pharmaceutical companies. Until now, lifestyle changes have had a moderate impact and many non-medical actors have been able to sell treatments or diets that do not have long-term effects.

Since the launch of the Novo Nordisk drug Wegovy on the US market, all players in the weight loss industry have had to adapt. Weightwatchers has therefore acquired the digital obesity clinic Sequence in the US for $132 million, which increased Weightwatchers’ parent company’s stock by 60%. Investors understand that the weight loss industry is in turmoil and that those who are the fastest to adapt are gaining investor interest.

Eatit is Sweden’s largest online dietician clinic for the treatment of obesity patients. The platform enables healthcare providers to provide a standardized dietician treatment. Among other things, the service saves healthcare professionals time as they do not have to develop their own treatments and the treatment results can also be continuously evaluated and improved. The dietitians, who are specialized in obesity and CBT treatment, can meet more patients through efficient interactive online work.

“The collaboration includes a development project with the goal of strengthening preventive efforts in collaboration with the healthcare system to achieve improved health, and to increase knowledge about the disease through interaction on Eatit’s and Novo Nordisk’s digital platforms,” says Theresia Silander Hagström, CEO and co-founder of Eatit.

Novo Nordisk recently issued a press release on the collaboration with Eatit to increase patients knowledge and support to make lifestyle changes. This is where Eatit comes in to ensure that patients get the support they need.

“We share a common vision of using preventive measures to reduce the risk of secondary diseases and thus contribute to sustainable health. We want to do this by increasing knowledge about obesity and reinforcing the importance of long-term dietary and lifestyle habits. There are currently shortcomings in knowledge and treatment of obesity. With this collaboration, we want to help ensure that people living with the disease can be given the opportunity to get in touch with dieticians as a support for improved health”, says Madeleine Wallding, Business Area Manager at Novo Nordisk Sweden.

See press release here

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Erik Olsson, Investment Manager
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