New drug drives demand for Geras Solutions’ digital diagnostics in Alzheimer’s


Swedish med-tech and healthcare provider Geras Solutions is one of the most exiting companies driving the future of healthcare in the field of dementia and Alzheimer’s diagnostics. They are world unique in enabling early diagnostics through complete cognitive assessments digitally – from home.

Dementia is today affecting more than 50 million people globally and numbers are growing quickly with aging populations. Healthcare has for long been struggling with limited capacity, poor patient access and lack of continuity. Recent news of significant breakthrough in treatment against Alzheimer’s disease also come with new requirements on healthcare systems. The need to ensure that treatable patients are identified in time, while also coping with increase demand for assessments from individuals that are experiencing memory loss, is more pressing than ever.

As expressed by Gunilla Oswald, CEO of BioArctic, the company behind the new treatment Lecanumab, about Geras Solutions:

The introduction of disease modifying treatments will give new hope to patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Early detection via digital cognitive tests and blood-based biomarkers will be instrumental, and all actors that can provide a new way to improve quality, efficiency and patient access has an important role to play.

Geras Solutions platform is now being implemented by both public and private healthcare providers. The company is also launching the world’s first digital memory clinic which is now getting public reimbursement in Sweden as of mid-October.

Geras Solutions is now opening up a seed round at 1,5 m€ to intensify go-to market and scale operations.


If there is interest in joining this round, please contact:
Rickard Forsman, founder and CEO at Geras Solutions
[email protected]

Find pitch for Geras solution here

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